The Joy of Indian Festivals🎆

As it may seem, I have decided to note why I like the festivals that Indians celebrate after all. 

India celebrates more festivals than I can possibly list. Not being the most religious person in the room, I have some different (and possibly weird) reasons for liking the uncountable festivals that Indians decorate their hearts with.

On the off chance of being called cliche, I have to say that I revel in the joy and warmth that the festivals bring. Just the thought of my family and friends coming together, bringing sweets and gifts, makes me happy. Their laughter rings in my ears and their voices fill the house. I thoroughly cherish all the memories that I hide in the deepest rooms of my heart. 

Another reason I don’t run away from all the festive rituals is that I see others celebrating with me. I see the watchmen and the helpers smile a beautiful smile when my parents give them small tokens of wishes and gifts. I can feel their joy reverberate in my soul as they go home with some extra love and hope. 

I enjoy decorating the house and making fun of my sister for having terrible interior designing sense. In some weird way, I enjoy the hype that my family boggles up before festivals. We clean and shout and clean some more. We depend on each other for motivation (sorry, for forcing the other one to get up and do some actual work)!

I enjoy being the only one in the house with no wish to click pictures or play dress up. I stand by and listen to my loved ones as they try to change my mind. They try their best to get me to look all decked up but I end up messing up their looks too. I photobomb their pictures while they plaster smiles and give me weird side looks.

Of course, every festival brings good food along with it. That is an unparalleled reason to love festivals and I won’t hear a word against it. Hands down, the most consistent and adorable reason (I am a foodie, so of course)!

I have my own reasons to like each and every festival but for now, I will rest my case.

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A one-way ticket! 🛫

The sky is decorated with shades of orange as I sneak out of the house. The world is silent as I carry my very heavy suitcase and stuff them in my car. I wait for a second as my heart begs me to turn around for a last glimpse of the world I have left forever. All is where it should be but the storm in me is creating havoc. 

Before I lose all my strength, I force myself to walk away from the place I called home. I hold back my tears as I sit in my car and turn the key in the ignition. As the car picks up speed, I try to focus on what is going to happen next. I have left the past behind but it is still connected to my heart with the most beautiful of strings. 

Before I knew it, the tears slowed and I was zooming past houses at a speed that scared me. I took a deep breath and the car slowed down. Soon after, the airport welcomed me and I reached. I took all my luggage and pushed with all my might. A few hours went by as I walked around the airport with footsteps that were slower than I thought were humanly possible.

I carried myself around and tried to come face to face with my reality. I tried to push back the tears as I heard the bustling of the crowd and the silence in my soul. I just let time overwhelm me until it was time to board. I walked into the flight without looking back. I feared that my demons would cause me to break down and go back home. I couldn’t take that chance.

I sat down and buckled myself up as the aeroplane filled with people from all around. There was no way to fight my longing for home so I decided to embrace it. The voices died down as the flight began its ascent. My eyes closed just as the clouds cleared and the beautiful sun rays pierced the lonely sky. 

I don’t know for how long I let myself sleep but I shall forever remember the scenery I woke up to. There lay, in front of me, a shiny blue sky with snow-clad mountains stretching out and breaking its monotony. Deep beside the mountains, I could see an expanse of sea, painted as far as the eye could see, on the most natural canvas.

The ripples in the sea were too far for my eyes to see but I knew that the most beautiful of gifts has glitches too. I set my head against the window as my eyes feasted on the most mesmerizing of canvases. There seems to be only the loving touch and warmth of nature in the air as my eyes glistened with the light of this newfound strength. Nature seemed to have swirled its wand and made my heart lighter than ever before.

Hello everyone! Yet another piece that was inspired by a prompt…

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A sleeping city!

As I walk through the silent lands and the slightly daunting beauty, I wonder what secrets this mesmerising but lonely city hides. 

The place has a charm like no other. It seems to be wrapping its peace until layers of scars. I can see what this heavenly city would look like if the world remained as it should have. 

There are no words to describe the feeling of dread that takes over me as I peer into the beautifully crafted houses that are no more art. Now, they have scars and touch signs of destruction. They have turned from beauty to a sleepy beast as time swirled its wand. When I look at the colourful houses, I can tell that the place has every architectural style and mastery that a person could look for. I can feel the power and loneliness that resides in the city. 

I cross the humongous bridge and look over the railing. The water has the purest shade of blue and is decorated with my broken shadow as I peer at my sole shadow. No soul is in sight as I close my eyes and let the fresh air flow through my hair. It feels peaceful to stand there and be away from all that this world truly is.

The city has no life and for that, I am grateful. I look around at the scenery that surrounds me and realise that being the sole spectator isn’t the worst thing ever.

I walk past the picturesque locations and reach the market. A place that should be bustling with people is filled with only a few lonely-looking people. I think back and imagine how my city would be filled with people right now. I swept my eyes and noticed that the place had no one but the shop owners nearby.

The place is reeking of untapped potential as I look at all the lovely restaurants and cafes that have been neglected to the point of ruin. I look at the exciting water rides that no longer work.

There are no sounds of families and friends as I walk the decorated houses. I look for signs of happiness filled and bustling life but don’t find any. It is as if the locals appear and disappear into thin air as I blink. The city calls me and beckons me as I look at the wonderful place with a smile on my face. 

Were the locals’ ghosts/vampires? I would never know. 

I explore the lovely city and give in to its quiet aura as I close my eyes and hear the waterfall rushing.

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