More than Tunes 🎻

Music isn’t just beats

It isn’t just words 

Music is therapy  

It is something we soulfully like 

It is something that becomes a part of us 

Music, I believe, is the truest reflection of the artist. It is also a mirror for the person grooving to it. Why is it that Music makes us so dreamy? Why is it that even though our tastes differ, the emotions are constant? 

You might adore rap or pop or classical music but in the end, it makes you happy. In the end, it makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud or swimming in the deepest oceans. Everyone knows music to be a mood lifter but I feel it is a lot more than that. 

When I hear the melodies I like, I feel like I am engulfed in it, as if I have become a part of the tune. I feel like the world is standing still and the glory of the melody is ringing in my ears. If I had to choose a world to live in, it would probably be the world of music. 

When it comes to music, we become so picky but I guess that is the beauty of it. It makes us fall for tunes we like and thus makes us uniquely us. If there weren’t all these wonderful composers out there, we would all end up being boring. Music is an art form which affects the listener as much as the composer.

Being the weirdo that I am, I often move along the beats and pretend like I am starring in the music video (  everyone does this, just admit that) . Our mood is reflected in the songs we are currently listening to, so if I am listening to a rap song, it is better to stay away. However, if you find me listening to Taylor Swift, chances are I am in a good mood. For anyone who is wondering, Taylor Swift is my favorite artist. ( I do love lots of kinds of music but T.S. is a gem) 

Music has no limits so whichever genre you like, you have made the right choice. I have seen friends enjoy music with words which make no sense but it makes them happy and that is all that matters. I have seen my parents devouring the great 90’s songs and it feels like a timeless friendship.  

When someone shares their playlist with me, I form a beautiful bond with them because it is an unsaid connection. I enjoy these unsaid words. 

Now, why am I telling you all this? It is because I want you to give it a moment’s thought. I want you to think about your favorite artist, your favorite song and what it makes you feel. This world is going through more than enough issues so I hope you end up dancing to your favorite song after reading this. 

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked my take on music!

To criticise or to not?

How easy it is to criticise, how difficult it is to bear 

Criticism is a word which can be associated with being either terrible or terrific. The word is not new to us but the meanings differ with each new experience. 

Some bear criticism with a stone heart and work hard on improving themselves. However, the rest cannot stand while their flaws are being pointed out. Both of them have their own point of view. 

It is often demeaning when you have to bear others shouting and screaming at you. The courage it takes to look the person in the eye and improve yourself without feeling sad ,is rarely found. If you have found a mentor who can help you to improve your skills without pulling you down, you are lucky. 

It is said perfectionism roots in the fear of being criticised. I agree with the statement as the compulsive need to be appreciated is overpowering and the thought of being anything but perfect is upsetting. 

Before you criticise someone younger to you or below your work status, remember that at some point of your life, you were in their shoes and you would have been grateful to have someone on your side. 

Criticism has been around forever because it is human tendency to give your opinions on a matter. All I ask of you today is to be aware of your words, know the effect your criticism can have on someone because chances are that they are fighting a battle you are unaware of. If your words are meant for someone’s betterment, don’t frame them in a way that ruins their day. 

Be aware of the difference between giving someone constructive criticism and just plainly criticising someone to enforce your views and opinions

I have been lucky enough to not have to put up with much criticism but whoever has been through this experience, I hope your day gets better and you become stronger.

Thank you for reading!!

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Locked again 🥀

The world is facing a pandemic like no other. The world seems to have been brought on its knees by the ongoing lockdown.

It is the first time in history that no one knows what tomorrow will look like for them. The second wave of Coronavirus has hit India again and it seems like 2020 has returned. The Indian government has once again imposed a lockdown and we are captured again.

It is easy for me to say that the lockdown has been a productive phase where I learnt more about myself and my family than I could have ever imagined, but I know that not all were lucky enough to have a roof, a stable food supply and a caring family. The news channel in India shows the faces of people who are crying for help but cannot be helped. All we can do is provide some support to get them through these tough times and yet, it cannot go on this way forever or for everyone.

What we don’t realise is that we can say that the lockdown is boring but for some, it has been the saddest time of their lives. Small businesses have shut down, large companies have fired employees in large groups, people have lost their families and yet, we have the audacity to blame the government for being “careful”.   We can sit in our homes and criticise the government for imposing such strict measures but when you walk out of your house, do you ensure you and everyone around you is wearing a mask? If not, then do not blame the government.  

Now that vaccines have started rolling out, the fear of Coronavirus has gone further down. People believe that they are invincible now but that’s not the case. Why? Because India does not have enough vaccines to provide to the working and struggling population and the vaccine does not make you immune to corona virus, all it does is reduce the effects of it should you catch the virus in the future.

So take the vaccine and follow the regulations but do not think that it gives you the right to violate government imposed restrictions.

So, if your family doesn’t shudder at the thought of another lockdown, if you do not have to worry about fending for survival, be grateful and be kind to those who need you.

Real vs Reel teens

*starts daydreaming about hogwarts and all the 100 wonderful schools I wish I was in* 

This blog is a reality check! ( it is only for humour purposes! )

Every series, every movie brings us a different and yet similar portrayal of teens but today let me tell you what really happens! Most movies have this weirdly girly, beautiful girl as their female lead ( Clueless is very hard to get over). She wakes up with a face full of makeup and a head full of thoughts like her clothes, her friends whereas a normal teen wakes up with a face so scary that you would probably not recognise them! Their thoughts include the pending assignments , the upcoming tests and some other random thoughts. They first cringe about having to go to school/college and then begin their day unlike the female lead who workouts and is excited about her day. 

Next up, no one in real life has the time to eat a whole meal ( including juices) for breakfast! Most of us are rushing to get to our school / college on time since we were binging Netflix last night, so we just manage to eat a sandwich or drink some milk and RUN! After all ,not one of our friends, has a ridiculously expensive car in which we can get to school. Don’t even ask about our clothes! While reel teens are donning the latest fashions, real teens are stuck wearing uniforms ( in India) and our uniforms look NOTHING like the latest fashion! Now that I am in college, uniforms are gone, thank god!

And can I just know where are these teen’s parents when they are going on missions and adventures? Like they are missing for hours on end and the parents could not be bothered and here, parents ask you to either call you every 2 hours or to give them your friend’s phone number so that they can contact ( and embarrass) you anytime, anywhere! Forget about going on trips or shopping sprees with your friends,we even have to give them a background check on the person we are meeting up.

Let us talk about parties now, how often do we have parties and night outs which include so much alcohol and parents are no where nearby? The answer is simply NEVER. I honestly could never attend such a party even if someone managed to arrange one! Like don’t you guys have studies to do or parents to fear? 

And despite all this, I love my parents and the way my life is! I would not trade it for anything!

Thank you so much for reading! This blog is just meant to be funny ! I hope you guys like it ✨

Truly and wonderfully you❤️

Isn’t it time that we accepted ourselves exactly the way we are? 

If you are one of those people who do exactly what they want and speak exactly what they feel, I hope you never change. We need more people like you. 

Some of us have the courage it takes to be true to themselves, however tough it might be. Sadly, some of us take a few steps back and cave in. We mould ourselves everyday to adjust in this dynamic world. It isn’t easy to adjust but it is harder to stand in the face of adversities and accept yourself wholly.

As for the others, when the tides get rough, we change our colours so that no one notices our beautiful and unique traits. We give in and become a part of the group, even though we do not actually belong. We tell ourselves to behave like one of them but in the end, we end up hurting our individuality. You may see people around you praising movies or series and you might chime in but you know that at heart, you are a book person who doesn’t really like movies . You might see people around you make fun of your boss or teacher and agree with them while you actually think they are quite capable and knowledgeable . These are the simplest of examples.  

When the world tells us to behave in a certain way, the fear of isolation and judgement makes us agree with it. It is tougher to go against everyone and everything to be truly you but in the end, you stand out when you smile in your way, when you talk in your way! 

I believe that the day we completely and truly accept ourselves, we will be successful in an abstract sense. We will realise the ocean of opportunities and opinions that exist amongst us but are silenced because those ideas do not ‘fit’ the standard. If there was one thing I could say to all those who are trying to fit in – if in the process of fitting in, you lose yourself, you will have lost the most valuable gift we can have : us.

Hi, older me!

Hi Muskaan, 

Hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as I have nothing better to do at the moment. I am wondering if you will ever read this but who cares?

Honestly, this feels very weird but it feels right deep down. I am hoping that when you reopen this letter, you think of the crazy, disorganized and nerdy teen that you were. There is a small part of me that feels you will not have changed much. You will still be deep in books and high in the clouds. You will still love food and not socialising (introverts will relate) .

If you have changed, I hope it is for the better. I wish I could see you so that I know what my future holds. I wish I knew what job you took up, what kind of a person you are, where you are creating the magic and mischief etc etc. This list is very long! I hope you have achieved whatever crazy dreams I am dreaming of, right now. I hope you are still as rebellious (and old at heart) as you were when you were 16. 

Not gonna lie, I would be glad if you have calmed down a bit and become more chill but then when have we ever been all that? I hope our family still pampers you, I hope you have some real friends and not just F.R.I.E.N.D.S by your side. I hope you still smile every time you think of Robert Pattinson. I hope you still write down your tangled up thoughts and try to make some sense out of it. I wonder what kind of words you write now. I wonder if my thoughts seem foolish to you. 

I wonder when I shall be you.

Taken from Pinterest

I have tried to write in a different style this time, I hope you guys like it 😄

Fake Feminism

In this dynamic world, revolutions are more common than evolutions. A major revolution was brought about by open minded women (and men), who were willing to sacrifice their reputation, blood, family and whatever else was needed, to change the way women were perceived. It took decades of iron will and protests to make men take women’s views into account and consider them their equal. This is our femisist history recollected by a feminist. 

Yes, I am a feminist but before you go on and judge me, let me tell that I am against Fake Feminism as much as you are. It saddens me to see the world blurring the lines between a feminist and a fake feminist. 

The saddening part is that whatever rights we have, they are being questioned because of some women who misuse them. This is not even my point of view, it is a fact which can be seen EVERYWHERE on social media. Recently, a case cropped up in India which compelled me to put forward my stance on this stop. A woman accused a Zomato Delivery guy of hitting her and this prompted the netizens to show her their support. However, recently, a new side came to view. It was reported that the woman did this as a publicity stunt and to get some free food. The delivery man claims that he is innocent and is being targeted for no fault of his. As of now, no one knows what the truth is but people are surely behaving like they do. The internet is now flooded with hate comments for the woman and the blame is put on the whole institution of feminism (which in other words is equality). Absurd, isn’t it? 

I get that no one has the right to destroy someone else’s life by accusing them without a reason but what I don’t get is why is she being made a symbol of feminism? She is just one woman out of many who went wrong, punish her but do not degrade every woman in this country by claiming that this is what happens when a woman is given a voice! 

This is just one of many examples that I felt I needed to talk about. This is not all fake feminism is. Every time, a woman pulls down another woman, it shows fake feminism. Everytime, an innocent man is put through hell due to a verdict of a woman, it is Fake Feminism. Everytime, a working woman degrades a happy housewife for the choice she made, it is Fake Feminism. Everytime a working woman says, my money is my money but my husband’s money is our money, it’s fake feminism. Everytime a lady feels a man should get up and offer her a seat in public transport but she will not get up to give seat to someone old or handicapped, it’s fake feminism. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? 

EQUALITY=FEMINISM ( Hope this clears it for everyone out there who denies the fact)

You may think ,isn’t it just a teen writing this? Well, yes it is but I have been a feminist since I knew what it actually stood for. I haven’t hidden my beliefs and I do not plan to do that in the future either!

Thank you for hearing me out !

Appreciate! 🦋

Some say validations are for weak hearted people! Some say validations make you stronger and more confident than you could ever be! However, I believe that if someone validates your actions, they are given a special hold in our life. They can make your day memorable or make you rue the day.

Credit to the artist and Pinterest

It is said the world today has become too selfish to compliment or even notice someone else but I believe that this can be changed! I have met many wonderful people who have given me a push to become better and better everyday. They are the ones who keep me sane and happy. So why not be that saviour for someone else?

Everyday, when you have just yourself and your thoughts, it is those small, positive remarks that make you confident and provide you with a zeal that you did not know you had in you!

So the next time you meet a friend, tell them they are doing a great job! The next time you meet a coworker, appreciate them for whatever role they play in your life. The next time you meet an old acquaintance,ask them how they are doing or if they need help.  When you next cross paths with a person, who you know is struggling, try to bring a smile on their face. 

Everybody who plays a significant role in your life should be appreciated and checked upon, every once in a while because they matter! 

The one thing you need to remember is that their validation is an added moodlifter, it is not the only thing that makes you worthy ! So acknowledge the compliments and be grateful for them but do not base your self worth on it. Your worth is much more than anyone can put into words. 

Because who matters most in your life? You! That’s exactly why your self validation matters more than the rest put together. Everytime, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you are perfect, that you will work as hard as it takes to reach your goal, that you will be the “real” you and not what people command you to be!

Remember, whoever does not ask for validations, is probably the one who needs it the most. So do not wait for others, instead, go ahead and brighten someone’s day. Let them know that they have someone to fall back on or just someone who acknowledges them. It might not seem like a big deal to you but it just might be for them!

Perfect? / real?

When the word “ perfection” is uttered, most of us feel a sense of accomplishment like no other. We sincerely believe that perfection is anonymous to brilliant or gorgeous or half the compliments that anyone wishes to receive. However, I believe that perfection can never be attained! Why? Because it is a mirage.

Yes, when you deeply think about it, you realise that perfectionism is a myth! It is uttered in so many contexts and so many ways that it does not have a definite meaning anymore.What you may think is your perfect project, the professor may think is a good one at best. What may be perfect for you, might not even be good for someone else and there is nothing wrong with it. We are all allowed to have dierent and sometimes, conflicting views. If we agreed on everything, would we even be human?

Despite knowing all of this, we spend so much time and energy being ‘perfect’ and not ‘our best’! Despite all of this, we work hard to be called perfect! Despite all this, we wait for the day that someone would look at us and say, “ you look perfect”!

No no, I am not asking you to ban the word ‘perfect’, all I am asking you to do is stop putting so much pressure on yourself to attain this so-called perfectionism. All I am asking you to do is be the real and best version of you! The question arises ‘why is a teen talking so much about being perfect?’ Well, because as a part of this society, I see others of my age in an endless race which they hope ends with them being called perfect and better than anyone else. This generation of Gen Z opens up apps full of people with 2 kilos of make up on, along with professional photo editors and think they are perfection personified.

Let me be the voice of reason and tell you that perfection is in your mind! It is so abstract that it switches it’s meaning from person to person. Some people call themselves a perfectionist and honestly, for a very long time, I did too. I was never satisfied with my work until I thought that every one would call it ‘Perfect’ but now I realise that my efforts make it perfect! All this time, I seeked affirmation from others but deep down, I wanted my own affirmations ! So, please stop trying to be perfect and start trying to be the best version of you! Let no one’s thoughts make you doubt your own! Let no one’s shine make your shine dull!

Thank you.. I hope you guys liked my views on Perfectionism!

Credit to the artist and Pinterest

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Look in the mirror! What do we see? Just a reflection of ourselves or the ideal self we long to be? 

You may be wondering “ doesn’t everyone want to look beautiful?” and the answer is – definitely! But let me ask you something today, who said you aren’t already beautiful? Is your mind comparing your looks to those of influencers we see on our TV screens and social media accounts? Well, my friend, this blog is just for you!

Every day, we walk on the streets and find ourselves doubting our appearances. You look at the person next to you and think “ I wish I was that handsome or that pretty or that tall” but what you don’t realise is that they have their own battles to fight! They may be prettier from your point of view but that doesn’t make them immune to other challenges life has to offer! What the world doesn’t realise is that the term “ attractive” is not a conclusive term! It has multiple dimensions to it and it cannot be labelled!  So let’s not focus all our energy on being called ‘ gorgeous’instead let’s focus on being us!

Everyone has scars and insecurities! It is the most natural and real thing is the world! You could go around with a torch but you would not find anyone who is completely confident in their skin! So what do we do? Bring about some kind of revolution? No! webring about the small positive changes that have become the need of the hour! How? Let me answer it for you. The next time you see someone who seems very self conscious, tell them that they look pretty! The next time your friends make fun of someone for not being “ cool”, stand up for them. The next time you come across an influencer who has your dream body, remember to leave a positive comment but do not forget that they worked very hard for it and social media only shows you the half truth! Do not crave to be someone who seems “perfect” instead create your own definition of “perfectly real”. Am I telling you to stop working on yourself completely? No, I am not! Work out every day to become fitter and not rugged! Apply makeup if that makes you more confident but do not pull someone else down for not sharing your love for it! Go out in your sweatpants and rule the world but do not call someone names jut cause they prefer to dress up!

The next time someone tells you that you would look better if you were thinner or taller or fairer, just smile at them and tell them “ sorry I can’t hear your negativity”

Remove all the negatives from your life and make this life a beautiful and healthier one. Let’s break the mirror (not the actual one but at least the stereotypes that are hidden in it)! 

I hope you enjoyed reading it!❤️

Credit to Pinterest and the artists!
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