Crown of the Night 🌙

As I bathe in the moonlight, I feel my words rushing. Today, let’s talk about the beauty of the night as a new day rushes by and another twilight holds the fort. 

As can be made out by the words above, the night holds a special place in my heart. The night has a tempting grace that stuns me but my words break free. I wasn’t always a night owl (as some of my friends like to call me), there was once a time when I slept around 10 and woke up early to get a headstart. That was the time I pushed my friends out of their beds and forced them to go for a walk in the morning since I loved the freshness of the morning (they are definitely laughing as they read along). If someone had told me then that I would come to adore the night as much as I do, I would have never believed them! After all, 12 year old Muskaan was the morning bird while the almost 17 year old Muskaan looks like a ghost in the morning. 

The reason I value the late night shenanigans so much is simply because I know that once my college resumes and once life goes back to normal, I won’t get to enjoy the serenity of the night as the clock hits 2. I will miss the late night binging, the late night writing and the late night conversations more than anything. I wish I could tell you how lovely it is to keep typing late into the night but words can’t express that feeling. It is something that your heart feels when you are busy typing as the world falls asleep. The silence that descends upon the world is downright scary sometimes (especially after horror movie marathons! I should really stop doing those) but as for the rest, it makes me feel like I am dancing in my own world. 

The reasons I love the night are simple and yet, they feel like a closed diary. The night allows me to sneakily make popcorn and binge Netflix while my family sleeps peacefully. The night allows me to catch up with friends and those late night conversations help me to rediscover a forgotten bond. They help me to open up the small bundles of memories that I had buried deep. Finally, the night allows me to make up words and sentences which I embed in my heart and mind. That’s the reason I am writing this piece at 12 in the night. 

Just one thing which the night doesn’t allow is studying! For some reason, my mind shuts down at 11 when it comes to studying. That is the reason why I go back to being a morning person [without the cheerfulness] during exams and lectures!

Thank You for reading! See you in the next blog!

By GirlwithInk

It’s Muskaan here!
It’s a girl with immense love for writing but not immense love for talking. I have found that my best words cannot be uttered but only written

18 replies on “Crown of the Night 🌙”

I used to be a night owl. Even during my school and College days, I was able to do maximum studying during the silent hours of the night. So during study breaks, I used to up until the very early hours studying and then just as dawn threatens to rise, I would go to sleep only to wake up around noon 😂
But after getting my job, I had to put an end to night owl habits and become an early bird if I wanted to reach office in time. I miss those old days. Sometimes on Saturday nights, I become a night owl all because I’m too engrossed in a book or binge-watching a series.

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Wow! Sleep around noon and study all night?
Ah yes, Saturday nights are specially made for us night owls 😂
There have been many incidents when I picked up a book or a new series and forgot that I had to sleep

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The sweet sixteen Muskaan is loving her night binging but is actually a morning girl at heart ❤️
All the best!!

I was always a morning person. For authentic and abundant lives – Own your mornings 🤗

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For serious reading, I always preferred night hours, when there were no disturbance from any quarters. Of course, at that time mobile, internet or social media were not there. So simply reading or sleeping. But I liked your description. It took me back to my college and university days.

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I simply love how this post is light-hearted and deep at the same time. Your words make night seem more beautiful. Night is when I connect with my best friend, my diary (Anne Frank) and also the time I do my most favourite thing- sleep. Lol. Gotta love it for that!

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Thank you! You are very sweet 😄
The night truly is beautiful.. I like the Anne Frank reference!
Ooff sleep has to be on the list of everyone’s favourite things to do 😂
Have a great day


Loved ur explanation of the beAuty of night.
Wonder whether to become a early morning Bird or just enjoy being the night owl.

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