A diary entry no one asked for!

As the rain hit my umbrella, my eyes took a snapshot and I smiled at the world. I knew then and there that a day like this would not be forgotten! 

I don’t usually write diary entries but today, I feel like doing so. Probably because the day was so beautiful that I want to capture my joy in a bundle of words.

The day began with a strong gust of wind hitting the windows and I jerked awake. As my eyes took in the cool winds, the calming rain, and the serenity outside my window, I took some mental clicks. The day seemed like any other but I am gifted with a wonderful family who always has something fun, and weird going on. 

I am staying at my aunt’s place for a few days [the closest thing I have to a vacation in this lockdown] and she makes sure all my days are happening and fun. My day was going well until my cousin took me out for lunch! Then, it became unmemorable! That girl is my exact opposite [quite literally] but we share a bond like no other. She is my weirdo❤️!

We zoomed past buildings and then had a great lunch. We are both foodies so we have a love for food that no one else in our family gets. She is the sister who sneaks out of her house just to get us some great food.

As we were roaming around town on her bike, it started to rain very heavily.

The city seemed to be caught in a gust of strong winds and heavy rains! The shower wouldn’t stop but neither would we! 😂

We were stuck under one small umbrella as the winds and the rains picked up speed. We must have stood under the rain for around 15 mins when it clicked us that we should click some pics. Well, honestly, she was the one who thought of it. We then clicked some ugly and weird pics of us (and of the rain). The rain wouldn’t stop or slow down, so we took some extreme measures! We decided it was a waste of time to just stand there so we tried to reach home (wasn’t the best decision but okay).

The umbrella failed to protect us as we tried to reach home carefully. The world seemed to be dressed in a thick mist as we sang songs and laughed. I would never forget the looks we got from the people who were riding along in the rain. They looked at us like we had lost our minds but we couldn’t care less.. we were more focused on singing songs in a voice that the singers wouldn’t want to hear!

As we reached home, dripping wet and laughing [on the verge of getting a cold lol], we knew we were going to get some scolding soon but it was all worth it. We would do it again if we could because the rain, the ride, the day was beautiful. 

As I sit and type this, hours later, I feel happy! 

This is a memory capsule and today, I am putting it up… Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!

By GirlwithInk

It’s Muskaan here!
It’s a girl with immense love for writing but not immense love for talking. I have found that my best words cannot be uttered but only written

15 replies on “A diary entry no one asked for!”

Hi, got time to read your blogs after a long time. I prefer to read your notes during leisure & soak the feelings, just as you could feel the rain. Enjoy dear & make full use of the opportunity !!! Great going. 👍

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