Arts? Humanities?

*Narrow-minded people have entered the chat*

Once again, I must put in a disclaimer. Only read ahead if you aren’t worried about being called out.

It’s been around 3 years since I decided to take up Arts as my stream. In these three years, I must have come across 30 people (that’s a minimum) who believe that I am wasting my life since I have taken up arts or humanities in college. I have been told more times than I can count, “Beta, you have scored so well, why do you want to pursue arts?” Every time I feel like shouting “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” I mean why do people think it is their responsibility to shove their narrow-minded thinking in my face? If my family doesn’t mind, If I don’t mind, then why do these people care so much?

Just to make it clear, I don’t mind being asked about my ambitions but I do mind being judged for taking up arts instead of science or commerce. I am not sorry that I have enough knowledge to realize that there are immense opportunities in arts. I am not sorry for not abiding by the mindset of society. I am not sorry for acknowledging that my interests truly fall in arts and doing anything else would not make me happy. 

All those people who have asked me “Teacher/Lawyer/Government official banna hai?” I just have to tell you that ‘Mujhe bas tumse zyada samajhdar banna hai’ (Which translates to I just wanna be smarter than you) because I hope that I don’t ever ask someone such a question. Why do people assume there are only a handful of fields in arts that are worthy enough of being pursued? It is like assuming there are only 2 fields in science: Doctors and Engineers. There are so many unnoticed but important fields in both the streams so why limit it to just the ones you think are respectable? 

Actually, there is one category of people who I just wish I had never met. The people who said, “Bro, so you want to be an artist right? Like a singer, dancer or something?” If you have ever said this to a Humanities student, I have no respect left for you. As simple as that! I can’t believe that even in this fast-developing era, people think arts is all about performing arts and nothing more.

That being said, I have met some wonderful people who have given me the courage to go on and study the fields that I like. I will forever be grateful to those gems. You guys have had an immense and unforgettable impact on my life!

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!

By GirlwithInk

It’s Muskaan here!
It’s a girl with immense love for writing but not immense love for talking. I have found that my best words cannot be uttered but only written

19 replies on “Arts? Humanities?”

I want to take arts. My parents are totally ok with it but not the opiniated relatives. They always say things like “You are a bright student, why are wasting your future by taking arts?” or “Arts?? I thought you were smart”. The sometimes someone is ok with it, they say things like “Arts? That’s great, you won’t have to study hard at all.” People also always assume that because I want to take Arts means I want to be an artist like my sister. I too wish to scream sometimes”NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”(someday I might)

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Ah this story is so similar to mine.. I have to say that I took arts and I don’t have any regrets! As long as you are in doubt, the relatives will keep pestering you, it seems.
All arts students have heard these lines and I hope you move past them. If someday you yell it out, I would have company! (I did yell and scare a person or two😂)

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Great topic to write about! At the end of the day, science students, commerce students or arts students all end up in the same MNC (or software company!) 🤦‍♀️ We should really be encouraged to explore more options and walk in unwalked roads. Great post, as always!

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People suffer from giving unsolicited advices. Everybody has the freedom to choose what he or she likes. I have seen many students with arts stream competing well in Civil Services exam.

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Kudos young lady!!! Welcome to the clan of Arts.😊 I wish I could have replied like this during my time. Thankfully, my parents & siblings were quite supportive. Just listen to your heart & ride joyfully🛵

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I was a Philosophy major and many people gave me a hard time about it. I applaud your post! A classmate of mine went on to get a masters in Art History another went to law school and she got a huge scholarship because of her out of the box thinking and exceptional writing skills. The arts and humanities are more important than most people realize.

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