Do Instagram and Facebook change the way we perceive our lives?

Found a great question, noting down a not-so-great answer.

I could begin by saying how the world today revolves around social media but doesn’t everyone know that already? So instead, let me say that the answer to this question is ‘Definitely’!

I could honestly spend words pretending that it isn’t true but I am not going to do that. How can I do that when I know for a fact that people are highly affected by the way lives are led on Instagram and Facebook?

I have always tried to remain unaffected by the glamour and fakeness of social lives and to some extent, I have succeeded but that doesn’t mean I have never once thought of my life as mundane or myself as ugly. However, I am not alone in this. I have seen some more than amazing people thirst after a life that is as happening as the life models are raving about on their official handles. Every day I heard my friends talking about how some model was donning the latest collection of luxury items and how they wanted to do that too. I honestly feel that social media has the power to make you feel not just boring and poor but also ugly. I can’t count the number of times I hear peers complimenting a model and praying to get his or her body. Teens who just open an account and start walking through that social fakeness assume that is how a successful life looks like. Isn’t it sad that we think that is actually how models and actors look? Isn’t it sad that we seem to forget about how they must have spent hundreds of dollars on make-up, editing, cameras, and professionals? 

Having talked about the bad side, let’s focus on the good side. I think Instagram and Facebook have also become a sweet home for people struggling with mental issues. These sites have connected them to other people who need help and of course, to some people who provide that help. These apps have helped so many small businesses take off and thus given love and support to many. Instagram and Facebook have handed artists a chance to put forth their talent and start a new life. They have made donating and spreading awareness so much easier. The lives of several have been saved and improved thanks to that. 

One more thing, these people who are regarded as influencers, truly do seem to capture the attention of the masses, be it for a good cause or a bad one.

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!

By GirlwithInk

It’s Muskaan here!
It’s a girl with immense love for writing but not immense love for talking. I have found that my best words cannot be uttered but only written

14 replies on “Do Instagram and Facebook change the way we perceive our lives?”

Great take! Social media can be toxic and incredible at the same time. But it most certainly is a place for people with a constant need for validation and can critically affect one’s self-image. Loved the pros you mentioned which gave this post a balanced light. It’s indeed amazing that people with mental sicknesses can come closer and heal together. 💞

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Apart from diff. ads and tracking stuff, FB & Insta do change our mindset about different things.
The pages we follow show us different info which we believe without blinking our eye.
It can change our perspective, views, ideology, etc.
In the US election of 2016, Facebook was found guilty of showing that kinda stuff which resulted in Donald Trump’s victory. The most probable reason was changing the viewpoint of voters through electronic media.
Pros n cons listing thing is okay but, there are definitely more cons.
Children are body shaming each other. Useless spending of money & lot more than that.
The pressure of impressing the opposite gender etc…
That’s why limiting the online hover is quite beneficial.

However, I still think that there’s more talk than acting upon that situation.
Thanks for bringing this up.

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After reading this, I don’t know how to deny the cons. So, I definitely agree with all the points.. as sad as they are.
I thought of bringing up some pros to decorate the post and break the monotony.
Thank you for such an eye opening comment!

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This is the 2nd article I am reading today about social media. Well you mentioned about good n bad to be both sides of the coin yet anyone being influenced by models n other Celebrities really not sure why someone try to hide/mask their own beautiful image which means to be practical n not imagery. If any successful stories of such influence must be their own reflection n not someone else. Good share.

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I believe that when we use any outlet in positive ways, it’s a good thing. Facebook, Instagram, etc. allow many to keep in touch with friends and family they would otherwise lose touch with. It also provides us with opportunity to connect with like-minded people. However, corporations, extremists, biased media outlets, trolls, and criminals, use these same social media outlets to increase market share, spread their fundamentalist ideals, bend realities, spread falsities and steal identities. Then there are the influencers who are all out there for fame and dollars; likes and views. Even WordPress houses blogs that end up having a negative impact on people. Let’s not forget political agendas, either. A little ‘knowledge’ in some hands becomes a dangerous thing, especially when that knowledge is based on lies. Sadly, this is the world we must navigate now. We have become dependent on technology and it’s our responsibility to teach our kids how to use it properly. When I was a kid, bullies only existed in schools and on playgrounds. Now we let them into our bedrooms through our devices and social media apps.

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The use of media surely has some good sides but it is being ruined and outweighed by the negatives now. It is so sad that we get so deeply influenced by companies and influencers.
Yes, the world is struggling with different issues now

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