Dance! 💃🏻

Since it was International Dance Day yesterday, I tried to put down what dancing does to my soul. Well, this is going to be tough but here we gooo!

Just to provide some context, I am always told I look happiest when I am dancing and I can’t help but agree. It is almost as if music reverberates in my veins and brings me to a euphoric state. I feel the beats and the rhythm that it creates in my soul is just simply obvious.

It is almost as if the moment music swirls around in the air, I become intoxicated. Nothing matters more than those notes that carry me to a place filled with solace and life and oblivion. My body moves along… without my own consciousness directing it.

I move, almost as a reflex, and some say I dance but truly, it feels like flying. My feet twirl of their own accord, my hands shape their own destiny and my eyes close to take in the gravitas of the moment. It is in those moments that I smile without realising it. I could say that I forget all my worries but in the real sense, I forget EVERYTHING. There only remains me and my dancing soul, leaving no place for hopes, worries, or people (for that matter).

When I dance, the sensations in my body almost go numb… as if I am no more tangible. The notes of music engrave themselves in my mind and make unknown patterns. I stand amidst a crowd but feel free. Absolutely, completely free and alone and at peace.

This was a short one, I know! I will see y’all with a longer blog next time.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!


By GirlwithInk

It’s Muskaan here!
It’s a girl with immense love for writing but not immense love for talking. I have found that my best words cannot be uttered but only written

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