Movies v/s series 🎬

*Cinema fans have entered the chat*

Welcome to this movie-loving, random, and hopefully funny blog. I was recently asked ‘Do you prefer movies or TV series?’ and my first thought was ‘Ooof! This is a nice topic to write about!’

And then I went through a minute wherein I questioned life and thought about which one I prefer. I am a book person, yes but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy cinema. Let me just put forth some points that have popped up in my head. 

When it comes to movies, they are shorter (why am I mentioning that? It is so obvious) so it prevents a lot of sleepless nights and late-night ‘Just one more episode!’ I mostly end up watching the movie in one or two sittings so that is a plus point. 

However, when it comes to TV series, it just has a different vibe! Since they are so in-depth, I feel highly connected to the characters and the plotline. Do I weirdly find myself pondering about the plot at 3 am instead of pondering about the assignment I have due the next day? YES. When I finish a series, I just feel as if I sat through a grand ride because I spent so much time watching and caring about those characters. There is a void in my life that just can’t be filled anymore…until I start a new series an hour later! Ooof such dramatic feelings!

When it comes to overthinking about the endings and characters, movies lose a point because movies are too short to have a great impact on a person (There are a lot of exceptions though!) I am speaking from experience here, people! 

However, when you have nothing better to do and you decide to rewatch something, movies are usually the way to go! Cause you can watch the moments and feel good but with a series, you might have to remember which episodes are your favorites… blah blah blah.

Unless you have some kind of superhuman memory and you remember the exact time and episode, movies are leading. 

Ahhh I hope these are enough arguments from both sides and my verdict is ‘I can’t choose’ but I hope you can. Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!


Do Instagram and Facebook change the way we perceive our lives?

Found a great question, noting down a not-so-great answer.

I could begin by saying how the world today revolves around social media but doesn’t everyone know that already? So instead, let me say that the answer to this question is ‘Definitely’!

I could honestly spend words pretending that it isn’t true but I am not going to do that. How can I do that when I know for a fact that people are highly affected by the way lives are led on Instagram and Facebook?

I have always tried to remain unaffected by the glamour and fakeness of social lives and to some extent, I have succeeded but that doesn’t mean I have never once thought of my life as mundane or myself as ugly. However, I am not alone in this. I have seen some more than amazing people thirst after a life that is as happening as the life models are raving about on their official handles. Every day I heard my friends talking about how some model was donning the latest collection of luxury items and how they wanted to do that too. I honestly feel that social media has the power to make you feel not just boring and poor but also ugly. I can’t count the number of times I hear peers complimenting a model and praying to get his or her body. Teens who just open an account and start walking through that social fakeness assume that is how a successful life looks like. Isn’t it sad that we think that is actually how models and actors look? Isn’t it sad that we seem to forget about how they must have spent hundreds of dollars on make-up, editing, cameras, and professionals? 

Having talked about the bad side, let’s focus on the good side. I think Instagram and Facebook have also become a sweet home for people struggling with mental issues. These sites have connected them to other people who need help and of course, to some people who provide that help. These apps have helped so many small businesses take off and thus given love and support to many. Instagram and Facebook have handed artists a chance to put forth their talent and start a new life. They have made donating and spreading awareness so much easier. The lives of several have been saved and improved thanks to that. 

One more thing, these people who are regarded as influencers, truly do seem to capture the attention of the masses, be it for a good cause or a bad one.

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!


Dreams and realities 💫

One can dream and explore an unexplored world but what happens when reality comes crashing down?

It seems so easy to say ‘Connect your dreams with your reality and you shall succeed’ but what happens when you are a true romantic at heart? If you dream of the most captivating of the starry skies and look at the moon to be your muse, could you bear the weight of reality?

Reality is all about the toil of life but I am a dreamer. I dream of impossible things. I dream of fantastical worlds and unopened chests. I dream of a world where there is no space for anything but my fantasies. 

As life goes by, I see my peers staring at me with questions in their eyes. They ask me about my reality and I quench their thirst. I answer all their questions and they nod along. There is a twinkling in their eyes as they run along with life. I, on the other hand, look for my escapes until it is time to give up. I find my escape in pouring my words into these blogs. Some people have no desire to live in a world of dreams but the rest are decorating their worlds with those dreams.

There is a truth within my soul. I know deep down that I am not ready to admit my truth. I am not revealing my unrealistic side. 

I have always seemed like the realistic and boring nerd but when it comes to writing, I can’t stop my words from flowing into creativity. A world of responsibilities awaits us all but some of us aren’t ready. Some of us are too ready.

Some days I dream of the purple sky, the life I never had, and the life I will probably lead… it makes me wonder!

Hello People! Hope you guys liked this style of writing… Just trying my hand at it. 

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!