To criticise or to not?

How easy it is to criticise, how difficult it is to bear 

Criticism is a word which can be associated with being either terrible or terrific. The word is not new to us but the meanings differ with each new experience. 

Some bear criticism with a stone heart and work hard on improving themselves. However, the rest cannot stand while their flaws are being pointed out. Both of them have their own point of view. 

It is often demeaning when you have to bear others shouting and screaming at you. The courage it takes to look the person in the eye and improve yourself without feeling sad ,is rarely found. If you have found a mentor who can help you to improve your skills without pulling you down, you are lucky. 

It is said perfectionism roots in the fear of being criticised. I agree with the statement as the compulsive need to be appreciated is overpowering and the thought of being anything but perfect is upsetting. 

Before you criticise someone younger to you or below your work status, remember that at some point of your life, you were in their shoes and you would have been grateful to have someone on your side. 

Criticism has been around forever because it is human tendency to give your opinions on a matter. All I ask of you today is to be aware of your words, know the effect your criticism can have on someone because chances are that they are fighting a battle you are unaware of. If your words are meant for someone’s betterment, don’t frame them in a way that ruins their day. 

Be aware of the difference between giving someone constructive criticism and just plainly criticising someone to enforce your views and opinions

I have been lucky enough to not have to put up with much criticism but whoever has been through this experience, I hope your day gets better and you become stronger.

Thank you for reading!!

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Locked again 🥀

The world is facing a pandemic like no other. The world seems to have been brought on its knees by the ongoing lockdown.

It is the first time in history that no one knows what tomorrow will look like for them. The second wave of Coronavirus has hit India again and it seems like 2020 has returned. The Indian government has once again imposed a lockdown and we are captured again.

It is easy for me to say that the lockdown has been a productive phase where I learnt more about myself and my family than I could have ever imagined, but I know that not all were lucky enough to have a roof, a stable food supply and a caring family. The news channel in India shows the faces of people who are crying for help but cannot be helped. All we can do is provide some support to get them through these tough times and yet, it cannot go on this way forever or for everyone.

What we don’t realise is that we can say that the lockdown is boring but for some, it has been the saddest time of their lives. Small businesses have shut down, large companies have fired employees in large groups, people have lost their families and yet, we have the audacity to blame the government for being “careful”.   We can sit in our homes and criticise the government for imposing such strict measures but when you walk out of your house, do you ensure you and everyone around you is wearing a mask? If not, then do not blame the government.  

Now that vaccines have started rolling out, the fear of Coronavirus has gone further down. People believe that they are invincible now but that’s not the case. Why? Because India does not have enough vaccines to provide to the working and struggling population and the vaccine does not make you immune to corona virus, all it does is reduce the effects of it should you catch the virus in the future.

So take the vaccine and follow the regulations but do not think that it gives you the right to violate government imposed restrictions.

So, if your family doesn’t shudder at the thought of another lockdown, if you do not have to worry about fending for survival, be grateful and be kind to those who need you.


Real vs Reel teens

*starts daydreaming about hogwarts and all the 100 wonderful schools I wish I was in* 

This blog is a reality check! ( it is only for humour purposes! )

Every series, every movie brings us a different and yet similar portrayal of teens but today let me tell you what really happens! Most movies have this weirdly girly, beautiful girl as their female lead ( Clueless is very hard to get over). She wakes up with a face full of makeup and a head full of thoughts like her clothes, her friends whereas a normal teen wakes up with a face so scary that you would probably not recognise them! Their thoughts include the pending assignments , the upcoming tests and some other random thoughts. They first cringe about having to go to school/college and then begin their day unlike the female lead who workouts and is excited about her day. 

Next up, no one in real life has the time to eat a whole meal ( including juices) for breakfast! Most of us are rushing to get to our school / college on time since we were binging Netflix last night, so we just manage to eat a sandwich or drink some milk and RUN! After all ,not one of our friends, has a ridiculously expensive car in which we can get to school. Don’t even ask about our clothes! While reel teens are donning the latest fashions, real teens are stuck wearing uniforms ( in India) and our uniforms look NOTHING like the latest fashion! Now that I am in college, uniforms are gone, thank god!

And can I just know where are these teen’s parents when they are going on missions and adventures? Like they are missing for hours on end and the parents could not be bothered and here, parents ask you to either call you every 2 hours or to give them your friend’s phone number so that they can contact ( and embarrass) you anytime, anywhere! Forget about going on trips or shopping sprees with your friends,we even have to give them a background check on the person we are meeting up.

Let us talk about parties now, how often do we have parties and night outs which include so much alcohol and parents are no where nearby? The answer is simply NEVER. I honestly could never attend such a party even if someone managed to arrange one! Like don’t you guys have studies to do or parents to fear? 

And despite all this, I love my parents and the way my life is! I would not trade it for anything!

Thank you so much for reading! This blog is just meant to be funny ! I hope you guys like it ✨