Under the waves 🌊

I break through the deep green caress of the sea. 

My eyes take a moment to adjust to the beauty and wonder that truly lies below the surface of the seemingly dark and brooding sea. 

Another moment passes as my unseeing eyes take in the wonders that lie in front of me as I begin to descend into the abyss. The comfortingly cold water welcomes me home as I breathe through my oxygen mask. I try my best to devote my attention to breathing but I fail miserably. I fail and fall for the charm of the alluring sea as I feel the fishes swimming around me.

I see the mesmerising shades of pink and purple and blue that the fishes carry and I am dumbfounded. How can I not be? Witnessing the canvas before me, one decorated with fishes and corals and the green waters, brings me comfort and serenity. It makes me feel the rhythm of the waves in my very soul. 

The descent begins as the fishes carry on… I see the coral closing in on me as I stretch out a careful hand and caress the surface. It is hard and scratchy but my hand doesn’t feel the pain… not when my eyes have never seen anything so captivating. The browns of the coral contrast against the blue-green shades of the water, together forming an unforgettable scenery in my mind. 

As I further swim towards the bottom of the sea, I come across underwater plants in shades that I never thought existed. They stand their ground as the water slowly harbours them. Without knowing, I stretch my hand out… craving to touch them. The plants falter under my touch. They feel like the softest of pillows and the most delicate of things. 

I can feel my hair float around and my feet floating in the calm sea. I can feel the soft silence melting around my ears and enveloping me. The bubbles around me rise up and fill my vision for a few seconds. 

The moment I feel myself ascending, my heart breaks. As I break through the surface and deeply inhale, my words melt into nothing. I have absolutely no words to describe what I felt in those beautiful moments. It is almost as if I have left a small part of me and that part is beckoning to me.

It is calling me home and who am I to not give in to the serenity and the overwhelming happiness that the sea offers?

Hello everyone! I am back, yay

My exams ended finally and the first thing I did is go for a scuba dive! It is literally a memory that I never want to forget… so, I wrote a whole piece about it, ofc!😂


Officially 1💗

Hello all!

*slams my textbook shut and types excitedly*

Oh, I know I have been MIA for the last few days and sadly this will continue as I have exams coming up pretty soon.

However, I ABSOLUTELY had to come online and write today. It is a very special day for me, after all. Today marks one whole year since I started blogging and troubling y’all with my messy, strong-headed, borderline annoying thoughts.

It feels so cliche to say this but I really can’t believe it has been a year since my first blog. I still remember the rush I felt when I clicked the publish button. Did I expect my first piece to blow up and get so much love? Absolutely not. I kind of wanted to be anonymous but ig not. 

Girlwithink has turned one year old and I cannot thank the readers and supporters enough. This page is my home and I would stay here forever if I could. Some lovely souls told me that I have always been GirlwithInk but I know that it isn’t true. I turned into this wonderfully mine persona when each and every one of you came into my life. 

In this one year, I learnt a lot about myself and about writing. This year has gifted me with assurance, more than anything. Assurance that writing is embedded in my soul and that I will never part from it, no matter what. Assurance that some souls out there don’t mind listening to my ramblings and opinions. Assurance that I can fearlessly be myself and it won’t change what people think about me irl.

I have definitely not achieved any major milestones. I should be sad about that but someone today told me that I was the reason he published his first poem and that he was proud of me, I guess that is enough motivation for me. I wish to last another year or another lifetime, who knows. 

So, until I am back here, with another blog… let me just say a huge thank you and send a lot of warm hugs. You guys mean a lot more to me than you shall ever know. 



Stand-up comedy!😂

Laughter, tears and vibes!

This blog is not a paid partnership with some comedian but let me say, it is going to feel that way! (Apologies)

So, in a simple sentence- EVERYONE should attend a stand up! I say this because I recently attended Aakash Gupta’s stand-up and it was simply the most memorable experience ever. 

As usual, I reached the venue soon but this time, I didn’t regret it because thanks to my super annoying self, My friend and I got seats in the first row??!! 

Yes, we literally sat there and fangirled over Aakash. When I say fangirled, I mean that literally… We laughed super loudly at his joke and screamed when he entered (everyone did that, please!) Anyways, when we entered (more like raced towards the front row) the hall, the vibe was so cool. There were trendy songs playing and people all around were clicking pics! You could feel a happy energy in the room and it was almost obvious in the air. 

As soon as the crowd settled, after a few glitches, the announcement rang clear. Aakash Gupta was about to enter and we were excited to another level. It was also justified because the next half an hour was filled with my weird laughter and tears and nonstop jokes. 

When I see a stand-up on YouTube, all I can see is a set of jokes being cracked and others laughing! In real life though, it is sooo much more than that. It is an interactive show wherein the comedian can literally hear you talking and will revert to your words! 

I say this because when my friend and I guessed what Aakash was talking about, he literally looked at us and said, “Congratulations, you ruined my joke! Should I give you a hamper for guessing it right!?” 

Everyone was laughing and we couldn’t help ourselves. He also asked people where they were from, if this was their first show etc! It felt almost unreal when he said some famous lines from his previous stand-ups! 

Even though I reached home late and had to put off my studies for another day, I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

All in all, the day was unforgettable and I will never stop convincing others to go for a stand-up when they are feeling low… 

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!