Arts? Humanities?

*Narrow-minded people have entered the chat*

Once again, I must put in a disclaimer. Only read ahead if you aren’t worried about being called out.

It’s been around 3 years since I decided to take up Arts as my stream. In these three years, I must have come across 30 people (that’s a minimum) who believe that I am wasting my life since I have taken up arts or humanities in college. I have been told more times than I can count, “Beta, you have scored so well, why do you want to pursue arts?” Every time I feel like shouting “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” I mean why do people think it is their responsibility to shove their narrow-minded thinking in my face? If my family doesn’t mind, If I don’t mind, then why do these people care so much?

Just to make it clear, I don’t mind being asked about my ambitions but I do mind being judged for taking up arts instead of science or commerce. I am not sorry that I have enough knowledge to realize that there are immense opportunities in arts. I am not sorry for not abiding by the mindset of society. I am not sorry for acknowledging that my interests truly fall in arts and doing anything else would not make me happy. 

All those people who have asked me “Teacher/Lawyer/Government official banna hai?” I just have to tell you that ‘Mujhe bas tumse zyada samajhdar banna hai’ (Which translates to I just wanna be smarter than you) because I hope that I don’t ever ask someone such a question. Why do people assume there are only a handful of fields in arts that are worthy enough of being pursued? It is like assuming there are only 2 fields in science: Doctors and Engineers. There are so many unnoticed but important fields in both the streams so why limit it to just the ones you think are respectable? 

Actually, there is one category of people who I just wish I had never met. The people who said, “Bro, so you want to be an artist right? Like a singer, dancer or something?” If you have ever said this to a Humanities student, I have no respect left for you. As simple as that! I can’t believe that even in this fast-developing era, people think arts is all about performing arts and nothing more.

That being said, I have met some wonderful people who have given me the courage to go on and study the fields that I like. I will forever be grateful to those gems. You guys have had an immense and unforgettable impact on my life!

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!


Ready, set, pose 📸

Prompt: Pictures

As the camera clicks, a smile appears on my face. I hold myself still as the world around me goes out of focus and a flash is all I see.

Isn’t it fascinating how that one picture can take you back to a different time? As you open a new album and travel through them, it opens a portal to a different time, doesn’t it?

It feels like we stole a moment and put it in a frame. It feels like a bit of us is stuck in that time and we can go back and feel their presence every time we look at that photo. Have you ever just come across a picture from a time you seem to have forgotten about? You look at the picture and all those memories come rushing back. You not only drown in that nostalgia but you also let it overcome you. As the picture swirls in your head, laughter, and tears both come rushing out. You look at the picture and relive that cluster of moments.

After all, pictures make you immortal in a sense of that word. If someone craves your presence, they look at the picture, and a piece of you reaches them. Some people are no more in your life but their pictures make them a part of you and that part doesn’t leave. 

Over the years, many pieces in our life have lost their importance but that one captured bit holds its place. Every experience is saved in the sound of your camera and it comes alive in front of your eyes. Years down the line, you will look at it and it will bring you peace. 

Every picture truly tells a hidden story!

Thank you to my friend for coming up with this prompt… Hope I did justice to it!

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!


Inside my mind

Character: Nerdy Me (or as I like to call myself.. Seriously serious)

Scene: Few hours before an exam 

Let us discover what thoughts I have before an exam! Why? Because they are hilarious. 

I just finished my 11th-grade exams and what is the first thing I do? Write down my messy and hyperactive (mixed with super happy) thoughts!

Well… being seriously serious about all exams, I have quite an experience before I sit down to take my test. My day might begin at 5 (before boards) or 7 (before college exams). Either way, I sneak in a few hours of sleep, mostly around 5 or 6, and then wake up like a hurricane has hit my house as soon as the alarm rings. The alarm just dies without any hopes of the snooze button being pressed and I begin my day. I freshen up within 10 mins! Well, freshen up is a bit of a stretch considering how scary I look after it… but anyways, I switch on the lights, disturb my sister and then start studying.

Once I start, there is no chance that I am stopping until I absolutely have to. The whole while I function like a machine and just take in all the words I possibly can. I just get up to revise in the morning, but somehow, I freak out more than I like to admit.

The thoughts in my mind look something like: why do I have to give exams? What if I missed a page of the textbook while revising and there are questions from that ONE page? What if the teacher was in a bad mood while setting the paper? When can I go and sleeppppp? Is that an important chapter that I didn’t revise? What if I learnt the wrong subject someday?

This is just a small peek into my thoughts honestly. I have much more weird and obscure thoughts which have no rational basis. Soon after, my mom enters and tries to get me to stop. She tries her best to get me to stop freaking out as well as to stop studying. I have never been a big supporter of the ‘Don’t-study-till-the-last-moment’ side but my mom has. 

Then there comes a 2 min fight where in the end I tell her how important it is to ace the test and she gives up! Soon, I close my books and fix myself up (CAUSE OF THE STUPID ‘VIDEO ON’ RULE). Then comes a time of pure anxiety as I try my best to just stay awake and give the test without running away. 

The story after the test is quite different so that is for another time!

Thank you for reading! See you soon!