Who is she?

The answer is simple, a teen who faced the world bravely but was fighting a war inside. She is the girl who had taken up writing cause it was her refuge and her solace. I am just another person who fought, not only against the world, but against myself. Today, I begin a new journey because I now realise that no matter what, I will always be told that I am not enough and I will always keep this war waging unless I accept the fact that I am a human with a heart! I do not deserve to be broken! I don’t deserve to be treated horribly and neither do you!

So I bow my head and I tell you how I feel today. I feel enough! I feel prefect! I feel smart! And I feel whatever the society has told me not to feel (since I am a robot, apparently)

Now on to the good side of things, I have decided that I will not keep mum and I will try to share all the excitement I feel after watching a good movie or reading a good book!

I will also be sharing the sorrow I feel when I read about a social issue! I will be sharing my views and I sincerely hope you feel my words!

Welcome to my world 🌎