A car drive 🗺

Some journeys are more beautiful than the destinations they lead to! 

The world turns to a blur as I feel the sun peeking out through the fog. Sunlight is breaking the fog into a million pieces as I drive into the bright, and sleepy morning.

I am travelling to what seems like a heavenly and serene destination. I left my home when the night was still ruling. Soon after began the journey… a journey which I won’t forget. As my family manages to buckle themselves up, the car ride begins. The drive through the city felt like a dream. As the crown of the night holds on, the city is in a deep slumber. No one is on the streets as we go through. The horns of cars and the voices of people are missing but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The silence is a thick veil and I let it overcome me. I peer out into the twilight and see it turn to soft dawn. The road goes on and on. The twists and turns of the road carry us lightly and we let it seep in. Sooner than I wanted it to end, the night waves goodbye and the morning takes over. That means that my peaceful description has come to an end! It has to be replaced with loud traffic noises and just random humanness. Oof, how the tables have turned!

It is no more serene… I guess it is just interesting. When surrounded by people all around, it is so inevitably obvious that humans are so weird and hilarious and fascinating. I look around and find contradictions everywhere. I peer into the beautiful fog and find random people clicking selfies in funny poses. I look at the lush green hills and people are shouting at invisible peers in the next car. I admire the lovely sky while the horns go on in the background. I turn up the volume of music and let my earphones silence the unwanted noises. I close my eyes and think of what I will write in my next blog!

Hello everyone! Wrote this one mentally while travelling and then physically wrote it as soon as I could access my laptop. I hope you liked this one.

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!



Before I say begin, I need to point out that I have seen people embodying ethnocentric ideas without realizing it and that is the reason I am writing this piece. I don’t wish to target any communities.  

It is no more surprising that people worship their culture to a point where every other culture seems inferior to them. Every day thousands of people make rude and baseless comments which show how highly they think their culture is and how lowly the rest are. People walk among others of the same culture and end up believing that theirs is the only culture that deserves to be appreciated.

I don’t think it is wrong to believe in your culture, after all, how could you not when everyday people around you shape you that way. What I feel bad about is how other cultures are demeaned in order to show supremacy. I mean why can’t people love their culture without hating others?

I have heard people say ‘The Indian culture is supreme but the American culture is ruining lives’ and I have heard ‘The Indian culture is so backward but the American culture is helping to bring awareness’ I think both of these statements are wrong. Each part of this statement shows how ethnocentrism can be a thick black blindfold. 

The truth is that all cultures have faults. After all, cultures are nothing without humans and humans can’t be faultless. The point then boils down to how we celebrate and respect all cultures. If we choose to turn a blind eye to the wrongs of our culture, we are being biased. If we pick out faults in other cultures to appear supreme, that is also biased.

Some argue that ethnocentrism helps people of a culture to come together and feel as one. I mean, is it worth it? Is it worth having that feeling of fraternity when in reality you are dividing societies? Is it worth feeling a sense of belonging every time you come across a person of your own culture but feel hatred when someone from another culture is standing in front of you? I am not asking for answers to these questions but I truly hope that these questions make you wonder.

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!


What if I could time travel?

I ask an interesting question, do I not? Time no more hath bounds…Incroyable!

Putting aside the Shakespeare in me, let me just say that this question is so fascinating! I truly wonder what all our lives would be like if we could time travel. 

The day I find out that I can time travel, I will get my lazy self to visit my younger self. I am gonna stand over the 13-year-old Muskaan and scream ‘Please calm down and don’t worry so much about your stupid exams! No one is gonna ask you how much you scored ever again!’ Then once she recovers from the shock of it, I will bring to her attention that she is soon gonna lose all interest in getting all dressed so she might as well start buying some pajamas and sweatshirts. I would really like to scold her for letting other people’s words hurt her. Why was my younger self so fragile? I shall never know.

Next up comes my 30-year-old self… Man, I have a lot of questions for her! As soon as I  reach her, I am going to find out what profession I ended up taking because right now, I have no clue! I am going to creepily ask her lots of questions about her life and then silently judge her (because she is me, me is she, so I can judge her!) I would love to find out when all my dreams came true and where I make my future home. I would probably spy on her for a couple of days just to find out who stuck by me for all these years. Then I shall treat them better and the rest are gonna get an earful for ditching me. Of course, they won’t know why the angry and irritating Muskaan is awake but eh.

Lastly, I would like to meet my 70-year-old self. Yes, weird I know! But I would genuinely want to know if I turned into one of those nosy oldies. You know, the one who randomly comes to your house and asks 1000 questions. I would also like to ask her if she is happy… Just happy with all she did and all whom she met. I would remind her that she once promised her younger self that she would never let anyone win a debate or have control over her! (Yes, I plan to be a savage and awkwardly confident oldie!)

I guess that’s all for this blog! Do comment and let me know what you would do if you could time travel!

Thank You for reading! See you in the next blog!