What would my ideal world look like?

If there were no bounds, what would the world you create look like?

If someday I stole some great and world-altering powers from some forgotten deity, I would make some unexpected and some expected changes.

I think in my ideal world, there would be nothing that one would be forced to do ( no-no, we would still have to wake up and stuff.. that isn’t changing).

When I say no persuasive forces would influence the world, I mean that no one would be forced to study and work in a field that didn’t make them happy!

Not one soul would have to struggle every day just to earn their living in a way they don’t even relish. In that alternate world, people could do whatever they liked… the economy be damned. (Hey! It is my world, no judging!)

In that world, no one would cry for equality, peace, love, or freedom. This just made my world very idealistic but this blog is all about imagination and ideals. But if I could choose to exist in a different world, I wouldn’t want it to be a world fighting against demons of prejudice, age-old opinions, power politics, or diseases.

Next up, I would probably remove all kinds of social media from that world. The reason? Is it that I just scrolled through Instagram reels for an hour? Hmm. Is the reason that every app is addictive and distracting ? Definitely. I don’t like how it affects some people so no, distractions, you aren’t welcome!

I also think in my world the working and studying spheres would only function for 3 days a week. Why? Because it is so so hard to get up early 6 days a week. But also, I feel that we can truly discover ourselves when we spend time on being ourselves and not just meeting deadlines. Again, economists will freak out but I don’t care. Why? Because I will probably be vacationing in some remote resort with earphones in and music blaring.

If the world ran according to my rules, artists would be the most revered individuals. Not because they are the most essential people (I am not delusional) but because art is dying and I would like to preserve it. Time is slowly trying to wear off art of different forms and I don’t like that. Also, I might be a tiny bit biased because my words are all I have. 

Since everything here is fictional, why not end on an ideally funny note? In my world, people could eat and eat but never get sick or put on weight! They could dance and dance but never get tired! Haha. Have I tempted you to move to my world?

There are so many more changes I would like to bring but I don’t think I can list them all down. Do let me know if I should do part two!

Thank you for reading! See you soon!


Equality? For real?

The world revolves around principles of equality. In every sphere of life, we ideally strive for equality. However, let me ask you something. If society doesn’t follow equality on anything but paper, can we call ourselves equal?

Someone may say that all of us have equal rights but that isn’t true. Every day, when equal rights are hidden and inequality is showcased against minority communities like African-Americans, Hispanics, Backward Classes, and others, where does equality hide?

I could go on and on about the discrimination and honestly, that is exactly what I plan to do. I read an article that showed how the world has repeatedly suppressed the minority communities to appear more powerful themselves.

Be it the OBCs in India or the Hispanics in America, undermining their lives by crushing their sense of self-worth is the way to go for the illiterate people (I know not all of them are illiterate but can you really call a person who doesn’t have the basic etiquette, literate?)

All over the world, people think of equality as their birthright and it truly is in theory. In reality, only a small section of society seems to enjoy equality in its truest form. If only the constitutions could come alive and utter some words. 

The one thing which is worse than unjust discrimination is the blame game that the rich and powerful play with every turn of the dice. So deeply rooted is the discrimination that the minority themselves feel they deserve that kind of treatment. They feel it is their fault for being born in a caste or community that is oppressed. They feel that the oppression is their lifestyle and can’t be changed, no matter what.

The fact that their self-worth falls so low is really saddening. If we can’t allow others to flourish, do we deserve to flourish ourselves?

Maybe we evolved into humans but did we really become humans? (Just wanted to end the blog on a very dramatic note!!)

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!


Efforts? No! Clothes? Yes!

Well, guess who wrote this days ago and left it in the draft folder?

Hmm, who said athletes enter the Olympics thanks to pure talent? 

As the Olympics craze died down, I thought of bringing something to everyone’s attention. Imagine being so talented and hardworking that your country picks you to represent them in the world’s most revered competition. Feels great, doesn’t it? Now imagine having to wear uncomfortable clothes and being objectified by the whole world. That crumbles the beautiful wall of excitement that you built, doesn’t it?

Well, that is just how it was for the female athletes who decided to compete in the Olympics. For years, female gymnasts and athletes have worn body-hugging and short outfits because that is just how it has always been.

During the European Beach Handball Championships, some things caught my eye. There are legitimate rules that the Norwegian Women’s Beach Handball team violated to dress up the way they wanted to. Yes! The team was fined for not wearing revealing clothes because people watch the sport to sexualize them and not to see the actual sport, right? (You better understand the sarcasm there)

I can’t believe the team had to pay a fine of 1,500 euros (£1,300) or 150 euros (£130) per player. WOW! Having to stand there and pay a fine for wearing beach shorts instead of bikini bottoms must have felt horrible. However, the courage and resistance that they portrayed have shown that no one and nothing can stop determined women.

Moreover, this isn’t the only case of breaking ‘costume’ prejudice that has come up in the past few years. The German Women’s Gymnastics team wore beautiful full-length unitards instead of the usually worn leotards while they performed in front of the whole world. They took a stance against the sexualization of their sport- Gymnastics during the Olympics!

They didn’t break any rules but their strong stance didn’t go unnoticed as this is an unconventional but necessary step in the fight against toxic rules. The women’s team wore the same style of leotards that the men’s team wears every year. Well, the men wouldn’t be told to wear leotards because it is so feminine! The women, on the other hand, are supposed to be feminine and uncomfortable even though they work equally hard and are equally talented.

Hope I put my point across.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!