An open letter ❤️

To all those who are down today,

Hi, you!

I am writing to you today because I know it isn’t best day. It feels like a mountain is crashing down on you, doesn’t it? It feels like you are on an unending trail of darkness doesn’t it? If it does, then just know that you are not the first or the last person to bear such pain. All of us fight and struggle against demons others don’t know about but we get through it. We might take different paths to reach the light but in the end, we meet at the junction of happiness.  

I know it feels like the end of the world but it isn’t! This too shall pass. The only permanent aspect of life is Change so wait for it!  No matter what happens, you shall overcome it. It will take time, it will take patience but the other side will be as beautiful as you are imagining it to be. 

Look at all the wonderful things you have achieved! Look at all the hurdles you have overcome! Look at all the times you smiled, even when you felt like breaking down. I feel your pain, I have been there. I am writing to you because I know tough times are a little easier to bear when you are with a friend. Did you get my terrible attempt at rhyming? Did you maybe feel like smiling? 

I hope you don’t suffer in silence, I hope you don’t feel alone. So all I can say is that, share the burden. Let a friend or a guardian know how it feels, if they are not your confidante, share it with your diary. It can make you feel better. 

I hope you let it all out! Scream, cry, dance, do anything and everything that makes you happy because no one has the courage it takes to be you, no one can look as pretty as you do when you smile. 

I know that my letter is not an answer but I sincerely hope it is a wake up call which makes you smile a bit, which brightens up your day.


Your friend


Thank you for reading!! See you in the next blog ❤️



In our minds, there are some hidden thoughts that we sometimes don’t even know exist. Some of these thoughts are stereotypes and prejudices about others based on culture, colour, size or gender. 

These stereotypes breathe and live among us without being acknowledged. We try to ignore them but they are enrooted in the society. What’s worse is that people convey their stereotypes and wrap them up as jokes. As if that makes the other person feel better! Like, come on! 

We need to realise that every time we see someone of a different shade and back away or get scared, we are conforming to a stereotype. Every time, we tell a girl that she doesn’t understand the stock trends, we are uttering nonsense ( Has happened with me). Everytime, we see someone carrying a cultural marker with them, don’t assume that they are different from us. 

There are different types of prejudices and all of them are equally bad. There is no lesser evil here. We can pretend that some of our stereotypes are true but let me tell you that in this changing and developing world, we have no right to judge someone just because of who their ancestors were or what their appearance is like.

Let me just put it out there, if someone tells me one more time that I won’t be able to play sports well because I am not ‘the ideal size’, I will show them how well I can do boxing. If one more time I hear someone telling a guy to take up science because arts is a ‘girly’ field, I will give them a piece of my mind. 

It is not our right to pass hurtful comments whenever we feel like it! 

I don’t blame anyone for having these thoughts because stereotypes are highly engraved in our society but I blame us for not trying to change that! 

So the next time you come across a punjabi, don’t just say ‘you are so loud’. Next time you come across a gujarati, don’t say ‘ kem cho’ (how are you). Next time you see a woman in a burkha, don’t pass mean comments. This list is pretty long but I hope you got the gist. 

Society needs to realise that no one conforms to a pattern. We might have some flaws, we might have some beauty so let us make bonds with each other without worrying about these stereotypes.

Thank you for reading! Do connect with me via my Instagram account girlwithink! Xoxo