Ready, set, pose 📸

Prompt: Pictures

As the camera clicks, a smile appears on my face. I hold myself still as the world around me goes out of focus and a flash is all I see.

Isn’t it fascinating how that one picture can take you back to a different time? As you open a new album and travel through them, it opens a portal to a different time, doesn’t it?

It feels like we stole a moment and put it in a frame. It feels like a bit of us is stuck in that time and we can go back and feel their presence every time we look at that photo. Have you ever just come across a picture from a time you seem to have forgotten about? You look at the picture and all those memories come rushing back. You not only drown in that nostalgia but you also let it overcome you. As the picture swirls in your head, laughter, and tears both come rushing out. You look at the picture and relive that cluster of moments.

After all, pictures make you immortal in a sense of that word. If someone craves your presence, they look at the picture, and a piece of you reaches them. Some people are no more in your life but their pictures make them a part of you and that part doesn’t leave. 

Over the years, many pieces in our life have lost their importance but that one captured bit holds its place. Every experience is saved in the sound of your camera and it comes alive in front of your eyes. Years down the line, you will look at it and it will bring you peace. 

Every picture truly tells a hidden story!

Thank you to my friend for coming up with this prompt… Hope I did justice to it!

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!