A car drive 🗺

Some journeys are more beautiful than the destinations they lead to! 

The world turns to a blur as I feel the sun peeking out through the fog. Sunlight is breaking the fog into a million pieces as I drive into the bright, and sleepy morning.

I am travelling to what seems like a heavenly and serene destination. I left my home when the night was still ruling. Soon after began the journey… a journey which I won’t forget. As my family manages to buckle themselves up, the car ride begins. The drive through the city felt like a dream. As the crown of the night holds on, the city is in a deep slumber. No one is on the streets as we go through. The horns of cars and the voices of people are missing but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The silence is a thick veil and I let it overcome me. I peer out into the twilight and see it turn to soft dawn. The road goes on and on. The twists and turns of the road carry us lightly and we let it seep in. Sooner than I wanted it to end, the night waves goodbye and the morning takes over. That means that my peaceful description has come to an end! It has to be replaced with loud traffic noises and just random humanness. Oof, how the tables have turned!

It is no more serene… I guess it is just interesting. When surrounded by people all around, it is so inevitably obvious that humans are so weird and hilarious and fascinating. I look around and find contradictions everywhere. I peer into the beautiful fog and find random people clicking selfies in funny poses. I look at the lush green hills and people are shouting at invisible peers in the next car. I admire the lovely sky while the horns go on in the background. I turn up the volume of music and let my earphones silence the unwanted noises. I close my eyes and think of what I will write in my next blog!

Hello everyone! Wrote this one mentally while travelling and then physically wrote it as soon as I could access my laptop. I hope you liked this one.

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!