Stand-up comedy!😂

Laughter, tears and vibes!

This blog is not a paid partnership with some comedian but let me say, it is going to feel that way! (Apologies)

So, in a simple sentence- EVERYONE should attend a stand up! I say this because I recently attended Aakash Gupta’s stand-up and it was simply the most memorable experience ever. 

As usual, I reached the venue soon but this time, I didn’t regret it because thanks to my super annoying self, My friend and I got seats in the first row??!! 

Yes, we literally sat there and fangirled over Aakash. When I say fangirled, I mean that literally… We laughed super loudly at his joke and screamed when he entered (everyone did that, please!) Anyways, when we entered (more like raced towards the front row) the hall, the vibe was so cool. There were trendy songs playing and people all around were clicking pics! You could feel a happy energy in the room and it was almost obvious in the air. 

As soon as the crowd settled, after a few glitches, the announcement rang clear. Aakash Gupta was about to enter and we were excited to another level. It was also justified because the next half an hour was filled with my weird laughter and tears and nonstop jokes. 

When I see a stand-up on YouTube, all I can see is a set of jokes being cracked and others laughing! In real life though, it is sooo much more than that. It is an interactive show wherein the comedian can literally hear you talking and will revert to your words! 

I say this because when my friend and I guessed what Aakash was talking about, he literally looked at us and said, “Congratulations, you ruined my joke! Should I give you a hamper for guessing it right!?” 

Everyone was laughing and we couldn’t help ourselves. He also asked people where they were from, if this was their first show etc! It felt almost unreal when he said some famous lines from his previous stand-ups! 

Even though I reached home late and had to put off my studies for another day, I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

All in all, the day was unforgettable and I will never stop convincing others to go for a stand-up when they are feeling low… 

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!