Dreams and realities 💫

One can dream and explore an unexplored world but what happens when reality comes crashing down?

It seems so easy to say ‘Connect your dreams with your reality and you shall succeed’ but what happens when you are a true romantic at heart? If you dream of the most captivating of the starry skies and look at the moon to be your muse, could you bear the weight of reality?

Reality is all about the toil of life but I am a dreamer. I dream of impossible things. I dream of fantastical worlds and unopened chests. I dream of a world where there is no space for anything but my fantasies. 

As life goes by, I see my peers staring at me with questions in their eyes. They ask me about my reality and I quench their thirst. I answer all their questions and they nod along. There is a twinkling in their eyes as they run along with life. I, on the other hand, look for my escapes until it is time to give up. I find my escape in pouring my words into these blogs. Some people have no desire to live in a world of dreams but the rest are decorating their worlds with those dreams.

There is a truth within my soul. I know deep down that I am not ready to admit my truth. I am not revealing my unrealistic side. 

I have always seemed like the realistic and boring nerd but when it comes to writing, I can’t stop my words from flowing into creativity. A world of responsibilities awaits us all but some of us aren’t ready. Some of us are too ready.

Some days I dream of the purple sky, the life I never had, and the life I will probably lead… it makes me wonder!

Hello People! Hope you guys liked this style of writing… Just trying my hand at it. 

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!