Face of profiling in India

As I furiously typed the words in my previous blog ‘Ethnic Profiling’, I was aware that I didn’t unmask the face that ethnic profiling wears in India. I wondered why and soon realized that profiling based on caste, race, and color that happens in India might not be spotlighted globally but it is subtly present among us all. It sits in the shadows without being thoroughly acknowledged. 

When it comes to profiling, we aren’t exactly non-violent either. After all, the riots between Hindus and Muslims, and the riots between India and Pakistan are in a twisted way the result of caste and ethnic profiling. If you are thinking ‘Aren’t riots in the past? When was the last Hindu-Muslim riot?’, the answer is more recently than you might think. In 2020, Hindu Mobs attacked Muslims in North East Delhi. Yes, even when the world was busy fighting a deadly disease, Hindus and Muslims were fighting amongst them!

Anyone who looks at the news will be aware of how many scars these riots leave. The scars are painful not just physically but also mentally. There are so many riots in India that go unnoticed and it is sad that we cannot move past our old and out-of-date views. I know so many amazing people who do not share the same caste or religion as me, and that is the reason it hurts when someone profiles a fellow human.

One more way Indians fall prey to ethnic profiling is when we assume someone will be a particular way just because of their ethnicity and then avoid talking to them. If we cannot be civil to our fellow Indians, how can we be civil to anyone? Various people are still seen avoiding beggars and poor people because they bring ‘bad luck’… That shows that we haven’t improved as much as we should have.

I wish I could sum up all the reasons profiling someone based on their caste or religion is wrong. However, I don’t think I can do that without adding around 1000 more words so instead, I bid adieu! 

Thank you for reading! See you in the next blog!