Officially 1💗

Hello all!

*slams my textbook shut and types excitedly*

Oh, I know I have been MIA for the last few days and sadly this will continue as I have exams coming up pretty soon.

However, I ABSOLUTELY had to come online and write today. It is a very special day for me, after all. Today marks one whole year since I started blogging and troubling y’all with my messy, strong-headed, borderline annoying thoughts.

It feels so cliche to say this but I really can’t believe it has been a year since my first blog. I still remember the rush I felt when I clicked the publish button. Did I expect my first piece to blow up and get so much love? Absolutely not. I kind of wanted to be anonymous but ig not. 

Girlwithink has turned one year old and I cannot thank the readers and supporters enough. This page is my home and I would stay here forever if I could. Some lovely souls told me that I have always been GirlwithInk but I know that it isn’t true. I turned into this wonderfully mine persona when each and every one of you came into my life. 

In this one year, I learnt a lot about myself and about writing. This year has gifted me with assurance, more than anything. Assurance that writing is embedded in my soul and that I will never part from it, no matter what. Assurance that some souls out there don’t mind listening to my ramblings and opinions. Assurance that I can fearlessly be myself and it won’t change what people think about me irl.

I have definitely not achieved any major milestones. I should be sad about that but someone today told me that I was the reason he published his first poem and that he was proud of me, I guess that is enough motivation for me. I wish to last another year or another lifetime, who knows. 

So, until I am back here, with another blog… let me just say a huge thank you and send a lot of warm hugs. You guys mean a lot more to me than you shall ever know. 



Ideal dictatorship? Ideal Democracy?

In an ideal world, what would you pick? Democracy? Dictatorship? Monarchy?

Before I put forth what I would pick, let me specify that whichever answer we choose, it will be thanks to the ideal core of values that it pertains to. None of this will face reality bang on because let’s be honest, it isn’t fun that way. 

In an ideal sense, I would pick dictatorship as the form of government. Surprising, no? Well, that is because I feel that if the dictator was actually not a cruel and vile person as history repeatedly has seen, dictatorship could actually lead to a lot of growth and development. Imagine not having to face constitutional boundaries when you decide to make a decision… It would be so much quicker and more efficient. Democracy needs public opinion which is very critical and diverse. In a dictatorship, there would be one person who could solely pick up a problem and uproot it without power play or laws that prevent sole action. 

In theory, dictatorship definitely is horrible but the right person could manage to come in power and pick up the country’s economy to unimaginable heights. Then, there would be no stopping it. In our democracy, a lot of powerplay and politics obstruct actual growth. If there is one dictator who holds sole power, he could go ahead and get rid of problems like poverty, unfair judicial restraints and whatnot. 

It makes me wonder. Imagine not being stuck in two political parties which are both bad. Imagine not hearing the oppositions that people offer on bases like ‘It is harmful to my personal bias’ or ‘The country is going to hell so we should not do this.’ Too much power might be a problem when the mind holding it is corrupt. If one person can manage to hold power without it getting to their head, won’t it be so much better?

Just some food for thought! I truly wrote this one to make y’all wonder…

Thank you for reading! See you soon!


Truly and wonderfully you❤️

Isn’t it time that we accepted ourselves exactly the way we are? 

If you are one of those people who do exactly what they want and speak exactly what they feel, I hope you never change. We need more people like you. 

Some of us have the courage it takes to be true to themselves, however tough it might be. Sadly, some of us take a few steps back and cave in. We mould ourselves everyday to adjust in this dynamic world. It isn’t easy to adjust but it is harder to stand in the face of adversities and accept yourself wholly.

As for the others, when the tides get rough, we change our colours so that no one notices our beautiful and unique traits. We give in and become a part of the group, even though we do not actually belong. We tell ourselves to behave like one of them but in the end, we end up hurting our individuality. You may see people around you praising movies or series and you might chime in but you know that at heart, you are a book person who doesn’t really like movies . You might see people around you make fun of your boss or teacher and agree with them while you actually think they are quite capable and knowledgeable . These are the simplest of examples.  

When the world tells us to behave in a certain way, the fear of isolation and judgement makes us agree with it. It is tougher to go against everyone and everything to be truly you but in the end, you stand out when you smile in your way, when you talk in your way! 

I believe that the day we completely and truly accept ourselves, we will be successful in an abstract sense. We will realise the ocean of opportunities and opinions that exist amongst us but are silenced because those ideas do not ‘fit’ the standard. If there was one thing I could say to all those who are trying to fit in – if in the process of fitting in, you lose yourself, you will have lost the most valuable gift we can have : us.