What if I could time travel?

I ask an interesting question, do I not? Time no more hath bounds…Incroyable!

Putting aside the Shakespeare in me, let me just say that this question is so fascinating! I truly wonder what all our lives would be like if we could time travel. 

The day I find out that I can time travel, I will get my lazy self to visit my younger self. I am gonna stand over the 13-year-old Muskaan and scream ‘Please calm down and don’t worry so much about your stupid exams! No one is gonna ask you how much you scored ever again!’ Then once she recovers from the shock of it, I will bring to her attention that she is soon gonna lose all interest in getting all dressed so she might as well start buying some pajamas and sweatshirts. I would really like to scold her for letting other people’s words hurt her. Why was my younger self so fragile? I shall never know.

Next up comes my 30-year-old self… Man, I have a lot of questions for her! As soon as I  reach her, I am going to find out what profession I ended up taking because right now, I have no clue! I am going to creepily ask her lots of questions about her life and then silently judge her (because she is me, me is she, so I can judge her!) I would love to find out when all my dreams came true and where I make my future home. I would probably spy on her for a couple of days just to find out who stuck by me for all these years. Then I shall treat them better and the rest are gonna get an earful for ditching me. Of course, they won’t know why the angry and irritating Muskaan is awake but eh.

Lastly, I would like to meet my 70-year-old self. Yes, weird I know! But I would genuinely want to know if I turned into one of those nosy oldies. You know, the one who randomly comes to your house and asks 1000 questions. I would also like to ask her if she is happy… Just happy with all she did and all whom she met. I would remind her that she once promised her younger self that she would never let anyone win a debate or have control over her! (Yes, I plan to be a savage and awkwardly confident oldie!)

I guess that’s all for this blog! Do comment and let me know what you would do if you could time travel!

Thank You for reading! See you in the next blog!