If my life was a book📚

If my life was a book, it wouldn’t be the glossy white paperback sitting in the ‘Best-seller’ section. It wouldn’t be the one that is picked by all, loved by all. If my life could be put down on pages, it would not have bookish tropes and nail-biting instances. It wouldn’t be a short 200 page novel.. it would not be a book that was annotated and recommended. 

If my life was a book, it would be jumbled up and crazy. It would be some sole book, rotting on some dusty shelf, in some faraway library. It would be a purple hardcover that scares you off instead of craving a caressing touch. It would be a mess that would beckon your mind but never capture it enough to keep you hooked on the very word that flows next. It would have short chapters full of mumblings and recollection. It would have glorified descriptions and obsessions. 

I wonder if you would give it a read. I wonder if you would turn those pages and absorb the bits of my soul despite the awkwardness and the nerdy-ness. I wonder if you would pick me and give my story a chance.

I love this prompt so much! thanks to Instagram for gifting me this💜

Thanks for reading! See you in the next blog!